Pastors and leaders would agree that God's word is important and powerful. If that is the case, then knowing it is the key to any Christian's growth, and what better way to know it than by memorizing it. But memorization can be a struggle, even for the most mature of Christians, so what are some suggestions for memorizing Bible passages more accurately and efficiently?

Both King David (Psalm 27) and the Apostle Paul (Philippians 3) wanted just one thing in their lives: Despite power, riches, and fame, or struggles, suffering, and conflict, they only wanted to see and know the LORD God. For 2017, Pastor Ken challenges us to put God first and seek Him as our priority.

Haggai chapter 1 - The Jewish people in the Old Tesatment return to their homeland after exile to find God's Temple in ruins. However, while they were commanded to rebuild the Temple, they spent more of their time, energy, and money on fixing up their own homes. for the new year we focus on getting a good start, but not with being centered on our own needs, but on what God wants and his work first and foremost.